Books I’ve Read This Year – 2021 Edition

2021 has been yet another year that a lot of us would like to forget. Instead of reflecting on any of that, I’d rather think about some of the good things. Sometimes I feel like the good slips by so easily, enjoyed in the moment but easily forgotten. So, let’s remedy that shall we?

I’m declaring 2021 was for me the year of the book. I have always loved reading, being a voracious reader for most of my life. However during recent years when D & I were building our house, reading was one of a few things that slipped away. Reading requires time & time wasn’t something I had. Thankfully this year I’ve found time was on my side.

My signed copy of The Book Thief

A few weeks into the start of this year I decided to keep a list of what I was reading. I’ve never kept a book list before, but I’m so glad I decided to. For one, I wouldn’t be writing this, but its actually interesting to look back on what I’ve read. The list is eclectic, but it reflects the kind of reader I am. There isn’t a lot of genres I won’t read. You won’t find any romance novels in my list, it’s a genre I dislike I intensely. Some of the books I read this year came to me after I asked some online friends for book recommendations that had no romance. I found myself reading a couple of books that I was loving, until they suddenly became focussed on romance between the main characters. I was annoyed & almost stopped reading because of it 🙂

I should note, not only was 2021 been the year of the book but it has also been the year of the library. A lot of the books I’ve read have been borrowed from my local library. I love love love owning books, but it’s not realistic to buy every book that I want to read. Money aside, where on earth would they all live? It wouldn’t take long for them to take over every corner of my house. I keep a note on my phone with books I’d like to read, using it as the basis for books to borrow. I use the library’s online hold system to borrow books & often browse the latest releases list to see what might interest me.


So, the list. I’ll note if the book is mine by writing own after it; there is a couple of re-reads of books so I’ll note that to.

Toksvig’s Almanac – Sandi Toksvig. Own.

Happiness Will Follow – Mike Hawthorne. Own. Bought this for research, as I interviewed Mike for my podcast. It’s the first graphic memoir I’ve read.

At Work – Annie Leibovitz. Own.

Becoming – Michelle Obama. Own.

Later – Stephen King. Own.

The Stand – Stephen King. Own. I’ve read this a few times since the first time I read it as a young teenager. I first read the abridged edition. My copy is the unabridged edition, which I think is worth reading. All the extra details & minutia of the characters lives help make it more comprehensive.

Fuck Happiness: How The Science of Psychology Ignores Women – Ariel Gore.

Archangel’s Sun – Nalini Singh.

Hysteria: A Memoir of Illness, Strength & Women’s Stories Throughout History – Katerina Bryant.

On Truth, Courage & Saving Our Planet – Greta Thunberg.

Wyrd Sisters – Terry Pratchett.

Equal Rites – Terry Pratchett.

Jingo – Terry Pratchett.

Every Sky A Grave – Jay Posey.

Sourcery – Terry Pratchett.

Cursed – Multiple Authors, Short Stories.

The Quiet Girl – S.F. Kosa.

Billy Summers – Stephen King. Own.

Stardust – Neil Gaiman.

Turns Out I’m Fine – Judith Lucy.

Sharp Objects – Gillian Flynn.

How Do You Live? – Genzaburo Yoshino.

Emotional Female – Yumiko Kadota.

The Book Thief – Markus Zusak. Own. Re-read.

Eggshell Skull – Bri Lee.

The Sandman: The Dream Hunter – Neil Gaiman.

Puff Piece – John Safran.

That’s 28 books! Kind of seems crazy, to go from reading a handful each year for a few years, to 28 this year. The year isn’t over & I started reading another last night, so maybe the number will stretch to 30? Guess I’ll update here if it does.


What happened this year that you’d like to remember? Write it down, share it with someone or keep it to yourself. Remember it 🙂