Uncovering Knowledge

27-04-18DSCF274827-04-18 Final

Recently things aligned in my life to allow me to attend a photo walk that I’d been hoping to get to for over 12 months. Not living in the city the photo walk is held in was the biggest hurdle for my attendance.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was excited at the prospect of stretching myself photographically and learning a thing or two. It is not often I get two hours of dedicated photography time. I love the vibrancy of Melbourne at night but I rarely get to experience it with a camera in hand.

As our guides began going over their recommendations for shooting at night I realised I knew what they were talking about. Discussions of camera settings, rules to stick to & ones to break, I knew this stuff . I learnt it a long time ago. I simply hadn’t had the chance to concentrate on photographing life at night so that knowledge had been filed away. Thankfully the realisation of this simply increased my excitement. I slipped into the zone and pretty soon was surprised to find the two hours were up. The photo walk was done. The key now is to utilise that knowledge, practicing often so I don’t forget.