Abstract Art

Sharing my process videos on my YouTube Blues 31 Maychannel has become a place for me to show how easy it is to create art. In my case, art made with oil pastels & art that is more often than not abstract. I’ve received some lovely feedback from people, including a young woman showing me her version of an art piece she made following one of my videos. The feeling of knowing I’ve inspired someone to make art is difficult to describe but its a feeling I cherish.
However YouTube isn’t exactly the best place to share much in the way of writing. Who knows if people even read the artist statement I put in with each video? So I thought here would be a good place to share a bit of the feelings that went into a piece or perhaps an explanation of why I created it. It kind of makes sense, now that I’ve written it down 🙂
The photo here doesn’t actually have a process video. I realise that content is king as far as YouTube is concerned, but making art simply for making art is important to me. This abstract, which I’ve been thinking about calling Blues, is one of those pieces. I made it on May 31. I was exhausted & frustrated, lacking in artistic motivation but wanting to create something. I sat down, opened my sketch pad (a Toulouse Paper House 100 page drawing pad) & then proceeded to stare at my oil pastel set for a while. Shades of blue were calling to me – no surprise considering how I was feeling. I thought about going against what I was feeling, to create with opposite colours on the colour wheel, but I’m sure if I’d have done that the result wouldn’t have made me happy.
It took me about 30 minutes to make this. When it was finished I felt a little better, but best of all I now have another completed page in my drawing pad. I’m at the halfway mark of this pad. I don’t think I’ve ever completed so many pages within an art book before! It’s an exciting feeling,, knowing that I’m progressing my skills & making so much art. Perhaps I should share other pages here?

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