Lately I have been finding it increasingly difficult to do anything creative. I’ve managed to snap a few photos every now & again, I’ve kept up my daily drawing habit but that’s about the extent of it. I’ve barely written anything more than a few lines in my journal - not ideal considering I’ve begun an online children’s writing clinic - even trying to write this post has been troublesome.

In a moment of frustration & I’ll admit, desperation, I posted my feelings to an online group I’m part of. I hoped perhaps someone would sympathise with me, offer an encouraging word or two & that would be all. The response I got astounded me. In reading my words, a person heard me, felt my frustration & replied with their own experience of doubt around their creativity, offered advice, some suggested reading but more importantly I felt the impact of what they wrote. Hours later, it still sits with me. That connection, that feeling of being seen, so often I think that’s what I crave & I know I’m not the only one.

This person suggested I share some of my work with them, & thus with that online community. When I’ve finished this post I’ll be doing that. However I took their suggestion & spun it a little, challenging myself to look through photos I’ve taken this year, to see if I could find something that I’m proud of.

I’m sharing that photo with you here. And challenging you to do the same, particularly if you’re feeling doubt about your creative ability. Go look at your creative output from this year. Try to look without judgement; I know this is hard but it helps if you can look at your work without preconceived ideas of what you made. What sticks out to you immediately? Usually that will be the thing you’re most proud of. Don’t take a long time doing this, you should be able to find the thing you’re proud of within minutes. Don’t be surprised if you’re surprised with your pick. It’s easy to forget that you’ve created something you like, if you’re like me & judge yourself harshly. When you’ve found the thing, share it somewhere. Sure, you can share it on social media, but try thinking outside the box here. If it’s a digital photo or digital art, can you have it professionally printed, to hang on your wall? That way you can look at it every day & share it with visitors, assuming you live somewhere that allows people to have visitors during covid. Or if it’s something you’ve made, like a sculpture or a painting, how about giving it away? Or taking a photo of it & giving that to someone, even via texting them a photo of it with some words like, I made this & thought you might enjoy it. Perhaps it’s a piece of writing you’re proud of. Why not use it as the catalyst to start that blog you’ve always wanted to?

Whatever way you decide to share your work, I’d love to know about it. Send me an email at hello @ kimcreates dot net or tag me on Instagram.