Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about letter writing. And actually writing letters too. I recently discovered that my newest pen pal has never had a pen pal before! I am delighted to know that her first experience of writing letters is to me. Delighted & a little bit nervous. After all, what if my letters to her aren’t good enough? What if what I share in my letters don’t interest her? What if, what if, what if?

I realised that I could continue to worry about these what if’s or I could simply sit down & write her a letter, post it & hope for the best. Because the thing about letter writing is, a reply may never be revived. The receiver might become too busy to reply, even if the reply is a scrawled note to let you know they’re now too busy. Or they might move & not provide you with their new address. They might not even receive your letter. Postal services are great but like anything in life they are not perfect. So I took all this to heart & wrote a letter that I hoped would resonate with my new pen pal. Only time will tell.


With many things in life, there are simple letters, where the author writes out their thoughts, or answers questions from their received letter or whatever the chosen letter writing format the author adheres to. And then there are artistic letters, those where are is included, either on the envelope, the writing pages or as an enclosed extra. I myself like to engage all three practices. I enjoy creating art on a smaller scale & a lot of my small art fits inside an envelope. I’ve found doodles are easy to add to an envelope, & look nice when using coloured envelopes. They add an extra layer of prettiness.

If you’d like to try letter art, a quick online search will provide thousands of results. Here are a few of my go-to’s when I’m looking for inspiration:

NaomiLoves is one of my most recommended & used sites. Naomi’s philosophy & art are apparent across all her endeavours. Whilst my artistic style differs from hers, I always find inspiration when browsing her site.

I often include a piece of origami with my letters. I find it relaxing to fold a piece of origami & their size is perfect for slipping into an envelope. Check out origamiway for instructions, including easy origami if you’re new to the art form.

If you’d like to improve your handwriting, learn hand lettering or learn calligraphy then thepostmansknock is for you. The site is full of tutorials, including free ones as well as a well stocked store to pick up some lovely stationary goods.

For more beautiful inspiration, head to the gorgeous site littlecoffeefox where you’ll be greeted with more handwriting inspiration as well as info on bullet journaling.


I would love to hear from you, if you already create beautiful letter art, or perhaps are inspired to give it a try after reading this post. You can send me an email at hello at or a dm on Instagram (I’m kimlcofield by the way).

May your letter writing experience be full of beauty.


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