Every morning this past week I’ve created a new mini landscape using artist Nick Stewart’s technique

I love this technique. It’s incredibly easy to do, requiring only a short amount of time, some water, fountain pen ink & a couple of paintbrushes. And water colour paper. To make my small pieces of paper I tore a larger sheet of watercolour paper into the small pieces seen in the photos. They’re 10.5 x 7.5cm in size.

My favourite thing about these is I never have any idea what the outcome will be. The ink does what it wants when it touches the wetted paper & gives an almost surreal outcome.

The inks used, in order of the day made, are as follows: Twilight Black from Nick Stewart inks Randall Blue Black again from Nick Stewart inks Jade Noir by Monteverde Barossa Grape by Robert Oster Garnet also by Monteverde Sydney Harbour Blue by Blackstone Yama-Budo from Pilot’s Iroshizuku range

Do you have a favourite? I’d love to hear which is yours. My favourite changes by the day; today the Sydney Harbour Blue is my fav.