Recently I realised that I prefer to make small pieces of art. I find it deeply satisfying to work on a smaller scale. I rarely have large blocks of spare time so any art I make is worked on over multiple shorter sessions. Sometimes I might sit down a couple of times during a day to work on something, other times I add to a piece during breakfast & don’t return to it again until the next morning.

However sometimes I want to start & finish a piece of art, even if I only have a small amount of time to do it. When those times occur I reach for my favourite practice, creating mini fountain pen ink & water landscapes. These are fun to make. I never know what the outcome will be although it’s rare for me to dislike the outcome.

If you have fountain pen ink I recommend you check out the work of Nick Stewart []()… who is the master of this technique. He creates stunning pieces of art, especially when he throws bleach into the mix.

If you give it a try I’d love to hear from you. Did you fall in love with it like I have?

Because of the small size of this art they fit nicely into my art journal, serving as a reminder of how easy it is to create something beautiful.