Have you ever kept a garden journal? To note the changing position of the sun throughout the year & how it affects the growth of your plants? Or to track the harvest of your fruit & vegetables? Or simply as a nice way to draw your favourite flowers?

I’ve tried keeping a garden journal in the past & failed every time. I think the problem has been not finding a journal style that worked for me.

Over the years I’ve tried keeping a list of plants, noting their location & particulars relating to that plant.

I also tried keeping a basic garden map, as a kind of visual form of the written list. When that didn’t work I gave up.

However now that we’re settling in to our new home our attention has been turned to growing lawn & creating gardens. Although I’ve only a vague idea of what I’d like our gardens to look like I’ve always known that I wanted the front section to feature pink flowers. After doing some research I’ve settled on Kangaroo Paws, Ground Cover & Standard Grevilleas, Pig Faces and some native grasses.

With that in mind I sat down to draw out my ideas. I can’t draw photo realistic so I decided to create loose sketches of the plants in the vein of urban sketching. I enjoy this style of drawing so it felt right. Pleased with the results I’m now keen to keep drawing out my garden. Once I’ve nailed down what exactly I want everywhere else that is!

If you keep a garden journal, drop me a line at hello@kimcreates.net I’d love to learn about your style & what keeps you journaling.