This post, despite being promised last week, almost didn’t happen. My day went pear shaped, almost as soon as my breakfast was consumed.

To be perfectly honest with you, dear reader, after the day I’ve had writing this post almost seems pointless. But I promised myself that I’d share my photo challenge images with you & I don’t want to break that promise. So here’s the final image from week one of my challenge, multi exposure.

Have you tried multi exposure photography? It’s relatively easy & produces interesting results. I suspect most modern cameras have it built in as an image option; check the image settings to see if your camera has the feature.

In the case of Fujifilm’s X-Pro3 (which is the camera I own) up to 9 exposures can be overlaid to create the final image. The majority of the photos I made during this past week used either two or three exposures to create the look I was after.

Your other option is to download a multi exposure app to your mobile phone. I use the iOS app called Double Exposure. It’s easy to use & has built in filters that can be applied before you take your photos, making it easy to see the final result. There are of course many other apps that will create multi exposure photos but I haven’t tried them. If you have a favourite, let me know & I can update this post.

Now for week two’s word. I selected it this morning. The word is Colour. A few ideas have popped into my my mind already. It will be interesting to see if I can reproduce the image in my mind as a photo.