I’ve been itching to challenge myself photographically since upgrading to an X-Pro3 earlier this year. Initially this was quashed when my couple of weeks old camera suffered a malfunction that made it unusable. Thankfully Fujifilm replaced my camera with a new one, but in the few weeks of waiting for the replacement I lost that creativity spark that comes with buying a new camera.

The new camera arrived a week before Victorian’s were strongly recommended to stay home unless it was necessary to go out. Since then I’ve been wondering how I can challenge myself photographically whilst stuck at home.

I searched Instagram for a photo challenge I could take part in, but nothing felt right for me. The idea came to me yesterday to create my own photo challenge. So I have. I’ve jotted down on paper around 20 different words, cut around each word & put them in a pile. Each Friday I’ll pick a new word & it will become my photographic focus for the week.

The first word is multiple exposure - the photo that accompanies this post was taken after I picked that word. I’ll share more photos with you in coming days; perhaps you’ll get inspired & will take part in my photo challenge? If you do, I’d love to see your take on each weeks word.