It feels like everywhere I look I’m seeing things related to the Covid-19 pandemic. Important advice to help stop the spread of the virus, like washing your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds & observing social distancing practices whenever leaving home. And equally as important advice for looking after your mental health.

Taking all this advice in, at first I felt there wasn’t any point in me writing a blog post that had anything to do with Covid. Yet the more I thought about it the more I realised that I’m going a little crazy as I work from home & do my best to avoid leaving my home unless it’s for vital grocery shopping or checking my mailbox. So I took the time to think about some easy creative projects I can do at home. I’ve come up with a short list; I decided sharing it here with you might inspire you to come up with your own list; feel free to use my ideas if they speak to your creative life.

Photography Project I’ll make use of the limitation of staying at home by photographing things around me. When I stop & actually look around me, my photographic subjects are almost unlimited. New growth on houseplants, my dogs, architectural details of my home, to name just a few. I’ll post my progress here.

Drawing Project During the past month or so I’ve been teaching myself to draw Betta fish, by looking at photos of them on online & drawing them, using my watercolour pencils. I finally bought myself a gorgeous blue Betta, whom I named Larry. Drawing a living fish is a challenge that I look forward to getting better at. I’ll work up the courage & share these drawings too.

Letter Writing Not much needs to be said here, except I have about 6 letters that need replying to. So I will.

Online Art Courses I’ve begun but not yet completed a couple of different online art courses. I’d like to either finish them, or at the very least work through them. Two of these I exoect to complete, the third perhaps I’ll only progress a few modules of, due to its length. In no particular order, these are: Naomi Bulger’s online letter writing course which focuses on everything needed to create a beautiful & impactful letter Nick Stewart’s fountain pen ink art basics, offered on Udemy The Complete Character Drawing Class, also on Udemy

I’d love to see what projects you’re up to. Stay healthy x