Behind The Scenes

For a long time I have found myself captivated when I see brides walking from one location to another in order for their wedding photos to be made. It is the beauty of their dress that catches my attention but that isn’t what keeps it.

I am really taken by what is happening around her. There is usually one or two photographers who direct her, plus the obligatory groom (who I’m rarely interested in) and sometimes the entire bridal party.

In the above case there was also a woman who worked as an assistant to the bride. The voluminous skirts and train were being carried by her when I first saw them. She proceeded to place everything as directed by the photographer, as the bride moved to sit down. I found myself watching her work more than I watched the actual bride. I wondered if she receives the acknowledgment she deserves. Is she paid well? Is she thanked for helping make everything run smoothly and appear perfect?

Perhaps one day I’ll find out the answers to these questions. It wouldn’t be appropriate to enquire whilst an assistant is actually working, so hopefully I’ll come across the answers in another way.


  1. excita says:

    Depends on the wedding and the budget. Sometimes the photographers pay for an assistant to help move things along smoothly. Occasionally, the dressmaker or their assistant is on hand for the whole shoot/day to make sure the dress is amazing. Traditionally it is the bridesmaids who perform this task. However, that is becoming less of a thing.
    Speaking as photographers, we have never been asked to provide assistance to the bride. But, we will pay for extra help at no charge to the couple if we think we are going to need it. So, in that case, yes they are paid but not directly. It becomes just another operating expense, like additional equipment or if working in an inner-city location, providing a driver for the camera car to save time looking for parking etc.

    1. kimlc says:

      Thanks for the info 🙂
      I particularly like the contrast of the assistants who are dressed in everyday boring clothes, rarely wearing makeup & the bride in all her glory. There is something about the reality of seeing this that appeals to me. Not sure why I like these fleeting moments of reality clashing with beauty, but hey, there’s an awful lot I don’t understand about myself 🙂

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