Calmness Through Cleaning


This weekend & last I’ve made time to do some heavy duty cleaning. I’ve moved the bird cage from the shaded fernery, placing the cockatiels in a better position to catch some warmth in the coming winter months. This meant I had more room for the potted plants so they were rearranged. I’ve used the line trimmer to get rid of unsightly weeds as well as mowing the lawn & doing some less intense hand weeding.

Inside I’ve rearranged furniture, getting rid of things that weren’t needed & adding a table that was. I enjoy this kind of work. I zone out to everything else in the world, focussing on what I’m doing, determined to get it completed. These larger jobs have each taken me a few hours of work but the feeling on completion is worth the labour. Sure I’m tired, but I’m also pleased with the changes & the feeling of renewal that comes with them.

The calmness I feel during this work is similar to the feeling I have after meditating. My mind is calm, clear & focussed. I like it.


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